Why is effective time management so important in Business?

When you set your morning alarms with enough time to accomplish all the things on your to-do list and that require your attention; over and above the multitude of routine humdrum components that make up the morning before your work day even starts, that in itself is effective time management. The same thought or effort to ensure you’re not running late for work should be applied. Effective time management has many great benefits including: Reduced …

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Leveling up in Business

The definition of progress; is to move forward or onward, it’s the development towards an improved or more advanced condition.  Ultimately the goal of any business is to continually conquer levels in your industry. To make such progress happen, we need to be able to identify areas that require more attention, more focus or perhaps additional capital, and also learn new ways of promoting or conducting business. In an ever changing business sphere, what you …

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What it takes to be women in business

In keeping with women’s month, we’re discussing the strength of female entrepreneurs Being a successful business woman is challenging, it takes hard work, commitment, sacrifice, determination and the strong belief that your company will make it and thrive! Attaining that measure of success in an ever growing and changing environment means being the best in your niche, understanding the possible failures and downfalls and preparing alternate solutions or avenues to stay ahead.  Having women to …

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Being Mentally Mindful can lead to a positive Perspective

Mental Health is often something not taken into consideration when a person decides to become an entrepreneur; when you decide to take on the commitment of working late nights and early mornings to turn a concept into a reality, that hard work, time, effort and energy do take a rather sizeable toll on your mental health. On top of life’s usual stresses, you now have a few new ones. This article, written by Sibulele Siko-Shosha, …

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Embracing the Challenge, Encouraging Change

South Africa Women’s day is celebrated in August because in our country, this day in 1995 was the Day our Women stood their ground and paved the way for where and how we stand as women today! This day is celebrated in recognition of the Strength, resilience and determination to rise, our Matriarchs displayed. This year the theme for Women’s day both nationally and internationally (Which was celebrated in March) is #CHOOSETOCHALLENGE It’s about challenging …

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