The Craze of Year-End

It’s not uncommon for many to feel defeated and overwhelmed by the end of the year, more especially so this past year, with the pandemic; many losing their jobs and losing family members, the losses have been accumulating. In turn the stress and grief have taken its toll on many, leading to burnout or a breakdown of massive proportions.

Whilst we can’t even begin to tell you how to cope with the pandemic stresses or grief from Loss, here are some coping mechanisms and tips on how to manage the fatigue.

“Fatigue is the feeling of constant tiredness or weakness. It can be physical, mental or both and it can affect anyone.” The author highlights how to spot the signs and some helpful suggestions to combat the feeling.

As per an article in the Sowetan newspaper:

Here are a few more tips and tricks to help stay on top of year end fatigue:

What is classed as fatigue symptoms and how to prioritize self-care?

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