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Supply Chain Finance

Tower Investments has established
facilities both locally and off-shore to
finance your supply chain through
leading credit institutions and
international Banks.

Tower OR Resize

Operating Rentals

❖ Information Technology
❖ Medical
❖ Telecom
❖ Industrial
❖ Farming
❖ Corporate & Commercial

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Vehicle & Material Handling

Vehicle and yellow metal financing
through a comprehensive fleet
management solution.
Material Handling Equipment based
primarily on a unique joint leasing
program with the manufacturer.

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Bridging Finance

Bridging commercial business
transactions and property deals.

About us

Tower Investments deploys expert asset finance and cash flow solutions to the Sub- Saharan market by utilising a combination of in-house facilities and strategic banking and funder partnerships. The most significant of which is the introduction of a securitization program together with ‘A rated’ insurance cover to source funds from the debt capital markets. This enables Tower Investments to introduce an unparalleled number of finance structures to its customer base

Core Capabilities

Our Solutions Have Catered For

Tower Investments will constantly strive to develop innovative and customised solutions to satisfy our customer’s unique business requirements.

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