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While the country celebrates Adjusted Alert Level 3, we should take stock of just how much our country needs an economic boost right now. So how can we play a role in rebuilding our economy? Visit and support Local! Local restaurants, local bands, local markets, Local cafes and little house bound bakeries, these are the places that need that helping hand. Be a part of the solution and do your part in “Rebuilding SA”. Photo
Protection of Personal Information Act 2013, referred to as POPIA, is South Africa’s data privacy law, with aim to regulate, in harmony with international standards, the processing of personal information in a manner that gives effect to the right to privacy. Tower Investments is POPIA compliant and has submitted its Promotion of Access to Information 2 of 2000 (PAIA) Manual to the South African Human Rights Commission. As per Tower Investments’ Website Privacy Policy, we
What started as an innocent offering, emboldened by the social media page RebuildSA, turned into a nation coming together to repair, rebuild and feed those affected by the events of the past week. South Africans have witnessed such an outpouring of love, hope and kindness in the last few days; communities standing together and people uniting, for South Africans, by South Africans, apolitical, passionate and all about love. In the words of Coretta Scott King
A good foundation is the start of a good future! Isaiah 54 is a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) led by Glynnis Dauth. The NPO’s focal point is the welfare of children, from birth to 18 years old and the importance of education. These children have experienced the challenges of life including: abuse, abandonment, and some who are tasked with leading HIV positive lives. Isaiah 54 took root in 1987 when Gylnnis’ own child had two friends who had suffered

June 24, 2021

Solethu Logistics

“SOLETHU” is a Zulu word meaning “our guardian” – something special to us. The Solethu Group pride themselves on a focused drive to deliver quality and value as a group, throughout each business division. Created in 2004, although the group’s DNA lies in the rail industry, the group has expanded to include diverse companies with operations across mining, industrial, logistical and professional services. Their goal being “ affect real change in a way that is realistic, manageable and, more importantly,
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