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Topic 4 – Registration and Compliance  On your journey into the small business sector, registering your business will make your operation legal and fully functioning in line with our government and communities in general. So what is included in the registration process and where do you begin? From a South African point of view, SME South Africa has earmarked exactly what you would need, what is priority and what can be done later on in
Topic 3 – Finances and Funding There are certain financial elements that should always be considered when endeavoring to start a business. But how do you determine these finances? In the link below, the author discusses some of the factors you should consider as part of start-up costs; The next step would be funding, the types of funding, understanding the benefits and consequences of each type as well as what other options you can
Topic 2. Business Strategy A business strategy is made up of all the decisions and choices, including the business plan, that you would need to get your business going, all of which make up the business model which is vital for any company to succeed.   Understanding business strategy and what it comprises of: What Is Business Strategy? – Components, Levels, & Examples : September 17, 2021 by Aashish Pahwa Working off our market research,
Topic 1 – MARKET RESEARCH Everyone’s assumptions on starting a business is that you have to have a specific skill set, a degree or a large amount money to start with; but even with all that, a business can fail. So we’re going to discuss what you do need and dissect how to go about getting it. Working of the basic “build a business” starter kit, you have your idea and then what? The first
Small business struggles that we don’t often see is the internal organization or sometimes lack thereof, which is usually the structure on which companies can base their success. Delegating duties to staff to ensure that each facet of business is seen too can either be productive to business output or detrimental to the efficiency in which things get done, so how do you streamline efficacy in your small business environment? Highlighted in the article below
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