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Know Your Customer, better known as KYC, is a business principle within the Financial Intelligence Centre Act, 2001 (FICA).  FICA encourages certified companies and entities to verify the identity of their clients before or during the time they do business. FICA imposes certain obligation on all accountable institutions that have specific duties to fulfill. The aim of complying with FICA through KYC is to prevent money laundering. FICA requires accountable institutions to do the following:

April 1, 2022

Supply Chain Finance

Tower Investments prides itself on being one of the finest financial institutions available to a broad scope of businesses/ Industries. One of our amazing offers to businesses looking for the opportunity to expand, or constructively manage their cash flow, is Supply Chain Finance, which is inclusive of both invoice discounting and trade finance (trade finance covering accounts payable and inventory finance respectively). Tower Investments assists businesses by taking on the role of funder by providing
As a top tier asset finance company, Tower Investments endeavor to give our customers simple yet comprehensive financial solutions; we engage with our clients to provide them with an accurate assessment of their needs based of a financial needs analysis, this gives us better insight as to what their end goal is and what can we offer them to assist in reaching that outcome. We have negotiated specialized agreements with multiple suppliers to bring you
As we know from previous engagements, Enhanced Trading Solutions SA (ETS), offer a comprehensive assortment of trading solutions and is one of Tower Investments’ prominent business partners, holding agreements for varying business operations, one of them being for the funding and administrative support for ETS’ inventory financing programme. Amaparts, a special purpose company for ETS,  has entered into an Inventory Finance Agreement with Tower Investments for the purchase of motor vehicle parts, and will engage

February 25, 2022

Tona Marketing (Pty) Ltd

Tona Marketing (Pty) Ltd. (“Tona”) is a well-established player in the mining industry. Based in South Africa founded in July 2020 by specialists in coal production with a combined 50 years of mining and marketing experience. They have an active project and prospecting division with several key staff focusing on building out a portfolio in the coal market. They have the relevant expertise and qualifications holding strategic investments in mining projects that supply coal in