The Evolution of Normal

What was once a slow introduction into the technology era, has now become our everyday norm, from the “I can’t text on this touch screen phone” generation to the now “trending on TikTok” generation. The Covid-19 pandemic being the catalyst of this techno evolution is ridiculous, but a reality we have to face.

In that being said, it has been the year we learnt to prioritize what is important, to cherish what we hold dear, to let go of what does not support us, to engage more with friends and family even it be from a distance.

The changes most noticeable as noted in this article by Attic Rush are:

  • Our educational system has been turned on its head in the best way, we’ve had to quickly adapt to a new way of teaching, become creative with our way of getting a message across and for most students, and they’ve had to learn to better manage themselves independently.
  • We’ve embraced our authentic selves on a whole new level. While many have accepted their aging gracefully, others have learnt to become more hands on with their grooming, quite literally. It’s been a journey of acceptance and connecting with others on a baser level.
  • For the introverted, online shopping was a gift! The availability of many more products, and with such variety since the pandemic started has been amazing, and with delivery to your door being an option, it’s calmed many nerves. It has though limited human contact, which whilst we navigate the pandemic is helpful, it’s also a little negative with our emotional connections becoming very restrictive. We as healthy functioning people need that connection.
  • The creative elf in many has come out to play. We have gotten over the dressing up era and now are welcoming the dressing for comfort era. It’s been a revelation of customized jewelry, personalized fashion and a flair in home based business which is welcomed warmly.

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