Preparing for the festivities amidst the New Wave

Whilst we are all looking forward to this festive season, it has been difficult to start the celebrations in the usual and appropriate manner. Where we once embraced our family, we now smile down the screen of a tablet or laptop, where the only stresses we had where what to prepare for Christmas lunch or what presents to get the kids has now faded into the constant strain of “will we even get to see our family this year?”

Amidst the chatter of the 4th wave and new variant, we should try to, as best we can, keep ourselves out of harm’s way. So what to do when stuck in a holiday season slump?

The many brilliant ideas as indicated in the article attached include – 

  • Hop in the car, crank up the Christmas music, and take a drive around to check out local holiday light displays.
  • Get outdoors: Go sledding or ice skating, or take a wintry walk or hike. Remember to stay masked and distanced!
  • Exchange gifts with loved ones via mail or contact less drop-offs — bonus points if you purchase items from small, independent businesses!
  • Whip up some holiday cookies or treats for an exchange with friends. Be sure to coordinate contact less drop-offs/pick-ups.
  • Engage in self-care: Grab a book and a mug of your favorite holiday beverage and enjoy the season’s weather.
  • Challenge your kids (or yourself!) to build the coolest pillow fort ever, then enjoy a holiday movie marathon from inside.
  • Get crafty: Host a virtual paint and sip event with your friends, or create handmade gifts or holiday cards for loved ones.

So however we choose to celebrate the season, let’s try to be safe, mindful of others and kind to all.

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