IATF 2021

The Intra African Trade Fair took place last week and wow, was it a plethora of new information, networking and next level innovation in business.

Our representatives explored the many arenas and indulged in conversations with like-minded business individuals, it was an experience that we would definitely recommend for business owners looking to expand, to diversify their brands or explore possible business/industry crossovers.

As its website stated, it was the space and unique opportunity to meet with businessmen and women from across the African continent, to engage with potential investors and to meet, converse and acquire insights from entrepreneurs in all industries

To read more on what was on offer, click the link below and don’t forget to diarist for next year.


Photo credit: https://au.int/en/pressreleases/20211026/2021-iatf-youth-start-ups-winners-announced