The big debate: Should companies close for the Christmas period?

The debate continues: Should companies close for the Christmas week and is it beneficial to the company?

Whilst some feel it’s a loss of income and may add stress to staff and to the people who aren’t keen on the forced break, others feel that maybe the break is a necessity to the mental and emotional well being of staff and can actually boost morale in the office?

So while some may agree that a break is needed, it is completely understandable that, in the midst of these uncertain times, others may not look at a further break as favorable. Instead we should look forward at planning and adapting our thinking into how we can prepare better for upcoming breaks. As noted in the article attached, there are ways to prepare financially so they you can close comfortably and enjoy the most of the festive break.

So it may not be now, but with some strategic planning and forward thinking, perhaps next year could be.

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