What’s the next step for small businesses?

It is unfortunate and heart-rending to see how many small to medium business have had to shut their doors over the course of the last two years; in advocacy of these small business, what steps should be conquered to get them on their feet and help persevere through economic pressure? Shaun Portmann, Head of Commercial at JUMO (JUMO is the market leading bank operating as a service platform) highlights what he believes will help small business …

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The importance of Brand strategy

Setting your company up for long term success starts with an idea and creating an eye catching, memorable, brand image. That image is what your potential customers will use to identify you in any industry. So how do you keep people interested in what you are offering? How do you stay afloat in people’s mind amidst the overflow of digital information? That’s where Brand Strategy comes in. The concept as defined by Bynder.com explains and …

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Dealing with Change

Change is never easy, it’s difficulty being mostly attributed to the fear of the unknown; not knowing your place, the expected boundaries and so forth. Change can definitely be daunting and for some just the thought leaves them incapacitated; but change is also sometimes the catalyst that takes you from good to great; if you’re open enough to the challenge, because it most assuredly is a challenge. The adapting is the hardest part, and in …

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Financial advancement during these tough times

Whilst we thought that Covid-19 would be the hardest thing to recover from for this year, the recent unrest experienced in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng ruffled the finance feathers yet again for numerous companies, which left many of us trying to adapt to cuts in salaries, loss of income and working from home, which , as comforting as it sounds, brings about higher electricity bills, food costs and suddenly more work and distinction between work and …

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Finfluencers…aka Financial Influencers: trustworthy or nay

In today’s socially integrated environment, it’s become too easy to access financial guidance from so called finfluencers. But how trusted is the advice? How direct is the approach to money management? Do they cater to your specific financial wants and needs? The article attached discusses the powerful presence Social media has over people and how people would rather take broad spectrum type of financial advice instead of more direct personalized advice that a financial advisor …

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