Term Loans

Another great financial offering from Tower Investments is term loans

Tower Investments encourage growth and development for businesses in their respective industries; and terms loans are especially beneficial to established businesses with sound financial statements and can be used for capital outlays and business growth. A term loan gives the borrower the affordability of receiving a lump sum of cash up front and the flexibility of negotiating a specific repayment term with either a fixed or a floating interest rate. This means some lengthier term loans can be worked to suit affordability. The benefits of terms loans are immense, an example of which is the ability to expand businesses using the influx of cash to purchase fixed assets such a factory or machinery. In terms of flexibility in business, these types of loans are great as they are individually and specifically calculated to suit the borrower’s needs and their ability to pay off the debt.

Image source: https://chesterfinance.co.za/property-finance/term-loans///Pinterest