Supply Chain Finance

Tower Investments prides itself on being one of the finest financial institutions available to a broad scope of businesses/ Industries. One of our amazing offers to businesses looking for the opportunity to expand, or constructively manage their cash flow, is Supply Chain Finance, which is inclusive of both invoice discounting and trade finance (trade finance covering accounts payable and inventory finance respectively).

Tower Investments assists businesses by taking on the role of funder by providing our clients with a facility, along with the overseeing of the supply chain financing program. Supply chain finance is largely used for businesses who require a regular, steady supply of goods but that are only able to make quarterly or bi monthly payments (ranging from 60 to 120 days payment terms). This allows for business to grow and flourish whilst allowing the business owners some leeway with their cash flow.

As Tower is both locally and internationally affiliated, we are able to create the necessary business connections to finance your supply chain via the world’s leading international banks and private funders.

Supply chain finance allows a supplier to sell its invoices to a bank at a discount as soon as they are approved by the buyer. That allows the buyer to pay later and the supplier to secure its money earlier. Instead of relying on the creditworthiness of the supplier, the bank deals with the buyer – usually a less risky prospect. Supply chain finance is seen by many supply chain experts and managers as the great hope for easing problems with suppliers. Although it actually refers to several different solutions, at its most basic it allows both the buying company and the supplier to improve their working capital- Tower Investments Pty Ltd

Photo credit: Australian FinTech