Vehicles and Material Handling

As a top tier asset finance company, Tower Investments endeavor to give our customers simple yet comprehensive financial solutions; we engage with our clients to provide them with an accurate assessment of their needs based of a financial needs analysis, this gives us better insight as to what their end goal is and what can we offer them to assist in reaching that outcome.

We have negotiated specialized agreements with multiple suppliers to bring you quality offers ranging from better pricing options to a larger range of vehicles available. This provides you, as our customers, even better and more cost effective options on fleet management.

A value-added service of Tower Investments’ specialized finance, including but not limited to, innovative vehicle, forklift trucks and agricultural equipment agreements, is our vested interest in ensuring that all areas of excellence are maintained. This comprises of a detailed customer care package designed specifically to suit your needs, with a capable team of individuals tasked with guaranteeing you the highest level of customer care support services that you and your equipment deserve.

Some of these offers available are Hire Agreements with Service Level Agreements, which covers a multitude of functions ranging from full maintenance plans; namely services, equipment/part repairs and breakdown related concerns, to Insurance support which covers licensing and accident related matters, and so much more.

“Tower Investments will constantly strive to develop innovative and customized solutions to satisfy our customer’s unique business requirements. Tower Investments can provide both short term and specialized insurance for comprehensive equipment and commodity cover throughout the supply chain.”

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