OMNI Global Sourcing Solutions is a supply solution platform that was created to help their partners with innovative resolutions, building retail brands and conveying consumer insights. They provide a single point of access to more than 6,000 suppliers across the world, as well as the product distribution and transportation resources to extend your brand locally, regionally or globally.

OMNI GSS have a retail trade services agreement with 1 of South Africa’s largest supply groups to deliver quality branded international goods and products. In an aid to support the intense supply and demand chain, OMNI GSS has entered into an invoice discounting agreement with Tower Investments. This allows for a more regulated revenue on a range of international products in our markets.

Invoice discounting agreement is when business that usually transact monthly require weekly income to keep up with supply so they connect with a third party to fund the weekly payments, thus allowing for faster payments to their suppliers and a more consistent supply of goods. This then allows them to make payments for the months transactions as and when they have the available funds (dependent on the agreement, it could be 30 days or 60 days.) 

Tower Investments supports OMNI GSS in its endeavors to provide a variety of international goods and products into our already vibrant and eclectic markets thus introducing South Africans to so much more, ranging from taste experiences to home life developments.

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 “Develop innovative solutions to win their category and secure the loyalty of their consumers. We have expertise in providing top selling brands and supplier brands globally.”