Staying the course.

In the last few months, we have undergone a drastic change in the markets. From waiting in queues for hours for food; or trying to survive the petrol price hike. All these factors play havoc with small business because people feel safer with larger brands, so what can you do during the quiet seasons of business?

In an article on, the author discusses 4 things you can do or make the most of during your slower seasons or unexpected drop in sales to help keep you afloat. To read more on the topic, head over to their blog and read up on “small business slow season survival”

Remember there will be bad months followed by great months. It is the fluctuation of business, and you as a small business owner have to learn to adapt, prepare and overcome the flux.

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We look at 5 ways to improve your business during the slow months, helping you handle the current season and preparing to make the most of the next slow season.

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