What’s the next step for small businesses?

It is unfortunate and heart-rending to see how many small to medium business have had to shut their doors over the course of the last two years; in advocacy of these small business, what steps should be conquered to get them on their feet and help persevere through economic pressure?

Shaun Portmann, Head of Commercial at JUMO (JUMO is the market leading bank operating as a service platform) highlights what he believes will help small business persevere through these times.

“…We believe there are five key factors that banks and financial platforms need to consider in order to serve SMEs and MSMEs (micro, small and medium enterprises) well in the current climate. These factors are equally as valuable to the actual small and micro businesses themselves as they look to become lasting and successful ventures…”

5 Factors that promote the sustainability of a business.


Photo credit:  https://bursasustain.bursamalaysia.com/droplet-details/sustainability/introduction-to-sustainability-why-is-sustainability-important