Series: The fundamentals of starting a business – 4. Registration and Compliance

Topic 4 – Registration and Compliance 

On your journey into the small business sector, registering your business will make your operation legal and fully functioning in line with our government and communities in general.

So what is included in the registration process and where do you begin?

From a South African point of view, SME South Africa has earmarked exactly what you would need, what is priority and what can be done later on in your “starting a business” timeline. Click on the link for their FAQ’s:

Tackling Compliance; ensuring all the figurative t’s are crossed and I’s are dotted to ensure lawful business is being conducted, is and always should be your number one focus.

What is compliance and why is it important?

Compliance as explained in the article below is adhering to a specific set of rules or guidelines either set by the company and/or the government and it is vital in ensuring that a business is run safely and legally. For a more detailed understanding and comprehension into Compliance in business, click the link:

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