Series: The fundamentals of starting a business – 2. Business Strategy

Topic 2. Business Strategy

A business strategy is made up of all the decisions and choices, including the business plan, that you would need to get your business going, all of which make up the business model which is vital for any company to succeed.  

  • Understanding business strategy and what it comprises of: 
    • What Is Business Strategy? – Components, Levels, & Examples : September 17, 2021 by Aashish Pahwa

Working off our market research, we now know what we’d need to put into our business plan and how to set up our business strategy. These 2 very important facets of business are often overlooked but play key roles in giving you that beginner boost and a better standing in maintaining your business.

  • How to write a business plan

Successful business starts with an effective business strategy : Feb 12, 2018, by Nirmala Reddy

Here are suggestions of some of the more successful business strategies and why they work.

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