Being Mentally Mindful can lead to a positive Perspective

Mental Health is often something not taken into consideration when a person decides to become an entrepreneur; when you decide to take on the commitment of working late nights and early mornings to turn a concept into a reality, that hard work, time, effort and energy do take a rather sizeable toll on your mental health. On top of life’s usual stresses, you now have a few new ones.

This article, written by Sibulele Siko-Shosha, who is the founder, creative director and TV executive producer of the Dumile Group, gives light to what many business men and women endure and have endured these past few months, it talks about why it is so important to take a break, unplug yourself and decompress every now and then. That doesn’t mean you’re slacking or not committed enough; it just means that when you’re overwhelmed and you take a break you come back with more than just a refreshed mental state, you come back more aware, more focused, you come back with a different perspective and that is key in being progressive in business.