Supporting Isaiah 54 Children’s Sanctuary

A good foundation is the start of a good future!

Isaiah 54 is a Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) led by Glynnis Dauth. The NPO’s focal point is the welfare of children, from birth to 18 years old and the importance of education. These children have experienced the challenges of life including: abuse, abandonment, and some who are tasked with leading HIV positive lives.

Isaiah 54 took root in 1987 when Gylnnis’ own child had two friends who had suffered sexual abuse and needed a safe place. Since then, the Sanctuary has become a beacon of hope firmly planted within the local community, keeping their doors open to assist in any way they can.

It was a privilege for Tower Investments to participate in donating various items to the NPO, including: a three-seater couch, children’s clothing, toys and kiddies tricycles. This token of appreciation goes out to Glynnis and her team who envisage a safe and secure environment for our youth.

“Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see.” ~ Neil Postman (2011). “The Disappearance of Childhood”, p.11, Vintage