Tower Uxhaso

Tower Uxhaso is a new black entrant in the financial services and investment sector having been established by Tower Investments in 2018 with a 66.6% BEE shareholding of which 33.3% is black woman owned.

Tower Investments felt it prudent to create a black-owned empowerment entity that would satisfy the more stringent BEE requirements of this sector while being an integral part of Tower’s group of companies.

In order to better meet the funding requirements of South African corporates wishing to comply with radical economic transformation and government institutions falling under the auspices of the Public Finances Management Act (PFMA), Tower Uxhaso have entered into a joint venture agreement with Tower Investments whereby Tower Uxhaso would initially leverage off Tower Investments structures, experience and systems until such time as they are able to operate their own full end-to-end back office operations.

This joint venture agreement ensures skills are transferred to empower Tower Uxhaso to become an independent financial services provider and investment company while using the backup and financial muscle of Tower Investments. The venture is part of Tower Investments enterprise development program to ensure more black entrants into this sector while this initiative seeks to heed the call of radical economic transformation in ensuring that the economic gap is closed by bringing black owned entities into the mainstream economy.