Products & Services

Tower Investments will constantly strive to develop innovative and customised solutions to satisfy our customer’s unique business requirements.

Agreements have been signed with a multitude of different suppliers and fund providers, locally and international, to offer our customers both preferential pricing and an opportunity to fund selected assets off balance sheet at exceptionally competitive rates. This allows customers the flexibility of utilising available cash resources to grow their core business interests.

In terms of our agreements with these institutions and our own in-house facilities, we are entrusted with the structuring and service delivery in all aspects of their asset financing and complementary range of cash flow and risk management solutions.

Our solutions cater for:

  • Operating Rentals
    • Information Technology
    • Medical
    • Telecom
    • Industrial
    • Farming
    • Corporate & Commercial application
  • Vehicles & Material Handling
  • Supply Chain Finance
  • Bridging Finance
  • Insurance
  • Rental Scheme - Management
  • My Account - Monitoring and tracking of assets and their agreements