Bridging Finance

Bridging Finance is an alternative method of financing, used to provide liquidity while waiting for an anticipated and reasonably expected cash inflow.

Typically, Bridging Finance is provided for short periods of time – 3  to 12 months.

Anticipated Transactions

Essentially Bridging Finance solutions assist a client in accessing funds that may only be due to them in the near future.

The most common financeable opportunities arise from the following situations:

  • Advance on estate agents commission;
  • Advance of “Trapped Equity” arising from sale of an existing property;
  • Advance on a bond increase or bond switching;
  • Advance on secured liquidation claims;
  • Advance to corporates awaiting drawdown of bank facilities;
  • Advance of Mezzanine Debt structures.

Each of the above funding scenarios provides a secure low risk lending opportunity, provided that they are structured correctly.