Tower Investments

We will always push the boundaries to meet the needs of our customers while continuing to support the values of our partners in business.

Tower Investments deploys expert asset finance and cash flow solutions to the South African market by utilizing a combination of in-house facilities and strategic banking and funder partnerships. This enables Tower Investments to introduce an unparalleled number of finance structures to its customer base.

Tower Investments manages on behalf of our customers various asset based rental schemes in which we have been assigned the sourcing, procurement and complete management responsibility for all assets relating to each scheme.

Founded in 1994, Tower Investments services some of the largest corporate entities in South Africa, whilst at the same time ensuring its myriad of SME customers are catered for with the highest levels of service available in the industry.

The expertise and systems housed within Tower Investments enable turnkey financial solutions for customers wishing to acquire various forms of equipment. By partnering with our customers, we can tailor a financial solution to suit your specific requirements.

Value Adds

Tower Investments offers a comprehensive range of flexible financial solutions to help your company optimise its business management and growth potential:

  • Enhance access to working capital – If you need access to additional funds for your business; Tower Investments can customise a financial solution to align to the complexity of your requirements.
  • Support business expansion and investment – We can assist in freeing up working capital, improving cash forecasting and budgeting and maximising tax advantages.
  • Streamline fixed and moveable asset acquisition – We research and design solutions that go beyond just the products. We can work with you to develop a financial solution that will compliment your specific business plans.
  • We make it our business to create successful partnerships with our customers by:
    • Identifying and understanding their current and future business needs.
    • Developing customised solutions to suit their specific business requirements.