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SOLETHU is a Zulu word meaning our guardian – something special to us.


The Solethu Group pride themselves on a focused drive to deliver quality and value as a group, throughout each business division. Created in 2004, although the group’s DNA lies in the rail industry, the group has expanded to include diverse companies with operations across mining, industrial, logistical and professional services. Their goal being “ affect real change in a way that is realistic, manageable and, more importantly, easier to maintain.”

True to their progressive nature, December 2018 welcomed the addition of Solethu Logistics within the Solethu Marine division. And in catering for the growth in the new Solethu Logistics division, a successful asset based finance deal has been completed by Tower Investments to supply the serviced manganese mines with Powerstar VX-2642 6X4 Truck Tractors complete with Superlink Flatdeck Trailers.


Wishing Solethu Logistics the very best as they forge ahead.

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Courtesy of Financial Mail

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