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Educor is the largest private education supplier in Southern Africa. Managing 10 educational brands across more than 60 campuses and sites in South Africa as well as internationally. Since their inception in 2008, Educor has evolved into an education giant offering comprehensive support by providing the relevant infrastructures, technology and support systems to accommodate students via either face-to-face, distance or online learning. Today, Educor is at the forefront of higher education.


And,(as aptly depicted by Steven Turckes ~The Perfect Campus), in a world where the exponential rate of change is the norm, where technology dissolves boundaries, where collaboration across continents is commonplace, where workplace interdisciplinary project teams abound, where competition comes from far flung places, where the ability to create and innovate are highly rewarded - we can no longer rely on educational systems and facilities that were designed for a different time and an economy that no longer exists. We need to reboot and retool both if today’s students are to be successful in the future.


What a privilege it was for Tower Investments to get involved and offer funding support to Educor for elevators, air-conditioning units, IT and LAN infrastructure including desktops, laptops, printers, servers and CCTV equipment in order to keep their campuses well equipped and conducive to a productive learning environment.

Wishing Educor and all their students’ successful and happy times ahead in their ever-growing, ever evolving institution.

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Courtesy of Financial Mail

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