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Clean, Green and in Ship-shape


We live in an era where Go Green, Reduce-Reuse-Recycle and Healthy Living is the motto to live by, thereby creating the culture of being Environmentally Conscious, leading us to forever straws, reusable shopping bags and recycling rain water for home use. And in the shipping industry, it’s no different for Aqua-Tech Diving Services.


Tower Investments has financed R 3 000’000.00 to Aqua-Tech Diving Services for the new machine that has been designed, developed and built for a diver and remote operated Hull Cleaning machine with a reclaim system to remove the Alien Invasive Organisms, which is compliant with the IMO guidelines for the Control and Management of Ships’ Biofouling.

(An Invasive Alien Species is one which has been introduced by human activity to a new geographic area or ecosystem outside of its natural distribution range, and which has then established and spread threatening ecosystems, habitats and/or other species, and potentially causing economic and/or environmental damage, or harm to human health – Marine Biofouling & Invasive Species by Lynn Jackson)


Hereby introducing The Twister Hull Cleaning Reclaiming System

This system has been designed to remove the biofouling from the vessel, capture the biofouling within the cart and transport it to the surface where it goes through a solid and liquid separation process. The solids are bagged and the liquid is pumped through a series of nonchemical filtration processes and finally through UV irradiation process and the liquid is then discharged back into the ocean free of Alien Invasive Organisms.


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Courtesy of Financial Mail

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